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Here are the books by Prophet Bill. You can purchase them by contacting him using the information on the Contact Page or through local bookstores, online at or through Dawn Treader Publications. 


If you want to set up a seminar near you and have Prophet Bill attend to speak you can also contact him using the information on the Contact Page.

The Good Hand of God


The supernatural realm is a sea of uncharted questions and an ocean of unfathomable answers. Very few people ever experience the supernatural or even know of anyone who has.  It is my prayer that you will reap bountifully from reading this book. I hope that your eyes and spirit be opened to the supernatural of God that awaits you..



Past Lecture Seminars

Power To Get Wealth
Lecture Seminar
Speakers: Bill Moody
Are you interested in knowing the secrets of the wealthy, becoming familiar with wealth producing investments, and how wealth ties into your spiritual well-being? Then come to a dynamic, informative and elightening lecture seminar that will teach you the secrets to getting and maintaing wealth.
Location: Aliquippa, PA 15001
The Lord Our Savior
Lecture Seminar
Speakers: Bill Moody
Speaking of God and hearing of others needs and prayers. A day to fully trust God and let him into your life. A very heartfelt, and informative lecture.
Location: Grant Town, WV 26574
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