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The Elisha Ministry is located in McKeesport, PA; we have made a decision to help, assist, care, and most importantly, love those in our society that many have forgotten. The Elisha Ministry is working toward the complete rehabilitation of alcoholics.


Crime is a serious problem in the United States in the adult population and an increasing problem with the youth population. Youth crime and violence should be America's number one priority in the face of recent outbreaks of crime in the public school system. Students are not only coming to schools with guns and killing their teachers and fellow students, they are often times killing their parents in their homes.

The mission of this ministry is to help these people in a specific way that would turn their lives around for the betterment of society with the goal of helping mankind body, soul and spirit.

As Christ has called us, in submission to God and His commands to love Him and love others, will accomplish His mission in His time, in His power, and to His glory, through relevant Evangelism, Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship and Ministry.

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